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Engineered for field conditions, Nicopress toggle-action tools are
manufactured from alloyed forged steel with specially hardened working
surfaces. Tools are designed to create maximum metal flow of the
splicing sleeve around the wire or conductor. This results in splices
that are strong and reliable. The toggle-action mechanism produces
perfect splices with a minimum of handle force. Tools have either single
or multiple marked pressing grooves matching similar markings found on
Nicopress sleeves. 'GO' gauges supplied with each tool assure accurate
compression of sleeves.

The FT-2345 '5 in 1' compression tool make it easy and economical to splice fence wire.  This tool is designed to work with Nicopress Fence Wire Splices.  The result is a strong dependable fence wire splice that will approach, and often exceed the rated breaking strength of the wire.

·         Toggle action for maximum mechanical advantage with the minimum amount of effort, ensuring a complete splice each time
·         Extreme versatility including: Splices wire, cuts wire, tensions wire, removes staples, removes wire sag
·         Forged and heat treated alloy steel jaws
·         A ‘GO’ Gauge and instructions to check tool adjustment
·         Easily adjustable

Product Type: Hand Tool
Application: Fence
Sleeve Type: Fence Sleeves & Taps

Grooves: FW-1-2, FW-2-3, FW-3-4, FW-4-5

Wire Sizes: 10 Gauge SWG, 11 Gauge SWG, 12-1/2 Barbed SWG, 12-1/2 SWG, 12-1/2 to 15-1/2 SWG, 13-1/2 Barbed SWG, 14 Gauge Barbed SWG, 14-1/2 SWG, 15-1/2 Barbed SWG, 15-1/2 SWG, 9 Gauge SWG

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