Electrical Utilities

Electrical Utilities

In the electric power transmission and distribution industry, quality is synonymous with safety – for linemen and utilities. Nicopress® is a recognized industry leader for both compression connectors and tools. Our products are part of the energy-delivery system proven reliable for decades.

Whether you are involved with new construction, MRO, or in storm-outage emergency situations, it is critical to be using the most proven and reliable products. Our knowledgeable team can promptly and accurately answer your questions.

The easy-to-use Nicopress® system of connectors and tools provides consistent and superior connections. Nicopress® splices meet or exceed the tensile rating and electrical conductivity of industry and utility standards including ANSI C119.4

We offer a full line of high-quality, easy-to-use Nicopress® connectors:

  • splicing sleeves in copper, copper alloy, galvanized steel, and aluminum (full tension, partial tension and loop)
  • reducing sleeves
  • repair sleeves
  • offset dead-end sleeves
  • Clevis-type suspension dead ends
The Nicopress® system includes application tools which are specifically designed to ensure perfect connections. See the tools section to find the right tool for the right sleeve.