Wire Connectors for Medical Applications


As a worldwide leader, Nicopress® specializes in custom, precision wire, and cable connection systems for medical device and surgical product applications. Using Nicopress technology, we meet the challenges of compression sleeves used to terminate or connects wires and fiber with tensile or electro-mechanical requirements in medical device applications. We have the ability to design, engineer and test a wide range of secure, repeatable and dependable connection solutions requiring precise tolerances. With our advanced material science and engineering expertise, we manufacture end terminations and connectors for delicate miniature cable diameters ranging from .006" up to .500," depending upon your design requirements. Our compression solutions for precision wire, medical braids, and stranded cable range from .08mm to 5.0mm (.003” to .188”). Nicopress® sleeves grip wire materials including stainless steel, PTFE coated wire, titanium, nitinol, inconel, and high-performance synthetics such as Vectran®, Spectra®, and Techonora®.

Medical Sleeve 1 Medical Sleeve 2 Medical Sleeve 3 Medical Sleeve 4